Bespoke Homes

Whether you are the proud owner of a new modern build,
or a quaint period property, we can provide a fenestration
solution to enhance the character of your home

Aluminum Windows and Doors for Homes

Aluminium windows and doors are all about elegance; thin, clean lines and easy customisation provide the minimal look and feel that you require. Combine this with the latest thermal technology and high performance glazing, and aluminium windows then become the obvious choice to give homes an ‘architectural’ look. We offer many different options to create unique living and social spaces, from sliding folding doors to inline sliding, lift and slide doors. In addition to this, all of our products are available in any RAL colour, or even dual colour. We can also apply textured effects to glass surfaces. For noise reduction and older, draughty windows, we can supply and install secondary glazing. Whatever your needs, we can help you create a custom living space to be proud of.

Aluminium Windows for Homes

We offer a variety of aluminium window options for any home. Our expert team can advise you on the best choice for your needs and therefore save you time and money. The type of window that you require will depend on many things, such as location, your wanted look and the size of the project. Luckily, we can provide you with a selection of window fittings, glass finishings and colours, all in custom frame sizes. Our products are available in any RAL colour to suit your space, and also come with thermal breaking (for frames) and double glazing (for glass) options. This can really help to make your house feel more comfortable and set the mood for any room. Check out our windows page to see what products we have available.

Aluminium Doors for Homes

Our aluminium doors come in a range of fittings, including bi folding, sliding, and of course, standard. We can design custom door frames to fit any doorway perfectly in order to make the most out of your space. Our door frames can also be ordered in any RAL colour. In addition, we offer either thermally broken or double glazed doors for those who want to spend a little more to keep their home extra warm. Thermally broken doors are even good at keeping out noise, so you can enjoy peace and quiet. Check out our doors page to see what products we have available.

Curtain Wall for Homes

Though uncommon, a curtain wall system is sure to leave a lasting impression on any guest that should visit! The process involves using large sheets of glass as wall panels which are fixed into place using structured aluminium. The effect is a bright, airy finish that is ideal for any modern home. Such as with our other products, we can install your curtain walling with double glazing, or with thermally broken frames. This will therefore increase the thermal efficiency of your home and save you money. Check out our curtain wall page to see what products we have available.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or would like to receive a quote, please contact us here.